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Are you thinking: Remodeling St Louis, Home repair St Louis or Handyman St Louis? Congratulations because you are about to go from the thinking stage to the contractor found and the project is complete stage in record time. Further, you’re going to thoroughly enjoy meeting and working with your remodeling contractor or handyman. No matter the size of the home repair, home maintenance or remodeling project; you will find the experience pleasurable with Handy HomePros and we will prove that to you in the remainder of this article.

Home Repair St Louis

Home Repair & Remodeling Peace of Mind

Does anyone enjoy the anxiety that comes with getting a home repair or remodeling project done? Typically you get a few names then place calls and wonder if and when they will be returned. You gather estimates and try to make sense of the variations between them. In the end you pick one and hope it all turns out well. Do you ask if he is insured and demand proof? Do you pay for a through criminal background check? WE DO!

The reality is most homeowners gain a false sense of security from online reviews, neighbors or friends. We give you the closest thing to real security that exists in the remodeling and handyman industry.

What if you did not have to ask any difficult questions? What if you knew for sure you were getting the best professional at a fair price? What if this cost you nothing?

Know you’re Hiring The Best Handyman or Remodeling Contractor

All handyman or remodeling contractors in our program must have a “Golden Seal of Approval”. We are the only company in the industry that makes this a requirement. This is the most thorough evaluation available. Insurance and required licenses are verified. A criminal background check is performed. A code of ethics is signed. In addition, all handyman and remodeling contractors must agree to return calls promptly and demonstrate empathy for clients. Failure to pass any part of this evaluation means they will not be working with us.

Bottom line only the best are in our program. The best are not expensive or cheap. To be the best you perform work to industry standards or better and you charge a fair price. Don’t you want the best?


As our client you never pay to use our service. You are never charged for an estimate. There is no need to gather multiple estimates.

Home Repair or Remodeling, Get it Done Now

With our system you can now click Request Service and be in contact with the best remodeling contractor or handyman.

Why would you ever search again for handyman or remodeling?

  • Interior to exterior
  • Big to small projects
  • Foundation to roof

Whatever the home repair, home maintenance or remodeling project; you only need to click Request Service then click what you need and you’re done.

It is now easy and secure to get the best remodeling contractor or handyman for any home repair, home maintenance remodeling project.

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